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My name is Kristin Duncan and I am a French and Spanish teacher in Calgary, Alberta. This year I am teaching Spanish to grades 5-8 at a charter school. I use the TPRS method with all of my second language classes and I have seen my students make amazing gains in their language abilities!

I love learning as much as I can about this inspiring way of teaching foreign languages and in addition to my own ideas and reflections, there are many useful materials and information which I aim to share with others in an easy, organized way. Since the ideas and materials are not always my own, I try to post a link to the source where I obtained it at the bottom. Please let me know if I have provided an incorrect source or you would like me to remove something of yours that I have posted. Enjoy my site and feel free to contact me here.

I am finally at the point where I am starting to feel more comfortable teaching with TPRS and comprehensible input in general. It takes time, so if you are just taking the leap, be patient and go for it! From my own personal experience, I can promise you it will all pay off in the end.

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  1. Hi,

    I made a Dutch TPRS blog “Alike in TPRS Wonderland”. Next week I’ll post there about the NTPRS ; I put a link to your blog on my blog. It would be nice if you’ll make a link to my blog as well (allthough it’s in Dutch) : http://alikestprsblog.wordpress.com/

    BTW, will you be an the National? If yes, it would be nice to meet!

    Best wishes, Alike Last

  2. Thanks for mentioning your site on the TPRS listserv, I’ve been looking at it all morning! I teach French and German. This year I’ve been using Sabine und Michael for my German classes and adapting it for my French 1 classes and I’ve been loving it! I’m looking for ways to break up my routine a bit and I’m finding all kinds of stuff on your site. Thanks again!

    • Glad you like the site and were able to find some useful ideas. Let me know if there is anything that would be useful to add to it and I will see what I can do!

    • Hi Antonio. Thanks for visiting. Can you tell me any specific links that don’t work? And what exactly do you need help with?

  3. Kristin, I have just been looking over your site again. My have you been busy! You have compiled one of the most comprehensive resources for TPRS that I am aware of. It is a big help to me and to thousands of other teachers. Good work!

    Will we see you this summer at iFLT or NTPRS? Have you considered presenting at a conference?


    • Thanks Bryce, I’m glad it is useful! I would love to consider presenting one day, but I don’t think it will be this year. I will be at NTPRS – would love to attend iFLT as well but I don’t think both conferences will happen this year. Looking forward to your session on Classroom Management!

  4. After medium success in a regular 6th/7th grade classroom under traditional “realidades” Spanish curriculum, I am planning to start TPRS this coming week, after spring break. A flow of ideas from all sites and publications had me more unsure on which way to go…any suggestions greatly appreciated, gracias.

  5. Bonjour Kristin,
    I am from Montreal and I am a first year French teacher in Wyoming. I am having fun however somewhat overwhelmed since I have no curriculum and teach 3 different levels. Because of this, I’m always looking for interesting materiel on line. By far, TPRS teacher is the most interesting to me. I would LOVE to use some “movie talk” in the classroom. I’m not quite sure how to introduce some of them and how to get the students ready for them also. Any suggestions on which movies to use and how?

    Merci bien
    Martine Paradis

  6. Hi Martine,

    I have lots of MovieTalk videos posted on my website here: http://tprsteacher.com/category/activities/movietalk/

    Birdbox Studios has some really good ones to start out with – like the one with the Wildebeests. I would start in typical TPRS fashion – establish meaning by pulling out some key structures (3-5) that you’ll use when talking about the video. Do gestures and have a discussion with the kids using those words, then show the video with the volume off and tell the story. Ask questions about what happens and use repetitive questioning to use the structures as many times as possible. If you email me, I can send you what I used with the Wildebeests video!

  7. Hi Kristin,

    I am a TPRS teacher at Newark Collegiate Academy. I teach with Lavinia Rogers who you may know, as I see you have lots of connections in the TPRS world! Bryce has come to our school twice this year, and I went to the NTPRS conference when it was in Vegas a couple of summers ago. I absolutely love your website! It is so helpful and organized! I was searching the web for games for tomorrow, since it is our last Friday and we are all going nuts, and you have so much to offer in the form of fun comprehensible input! Thank you for sharing all of this. Are you going to NTPRS this summer? Be well.


    • Hi Jessica,

      Thank you! I’m glad you have found this website helpful. I’m not going to NTPRS this summer but am hoping to attend one of the conferences again next year!

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