All for One

Use this game to review information from a story or reading without making students compete against one another. Instead they get to work together to decide on the correct answer and no one has to be embarrassed. Start by putting students into teams of four. Then give each student a letter from A-D and have the teams come up with a team name. Ask the questions one at a time. Teams huddle together to discuss their team’s answer. Let them have enough time so that you are confident that every student knows the answer, then repeat the question and call out a letter.

The students from each team that were given that letter run to the centre of the class, huddle up with their new group, and tell each other what their original team believes is the correct answer. Everyone gets a chance to weigh in. Eventually they either agree on the answer or figure out a better answer among themselves. When they are ready, choose one student to answer the question. If they answer correctly, their team gets the point and a point also goes towards the class score. If they get it wrong, no points are awarded. If anyone speaks English during the part of the game where the student is answering the question, the teacher gets a point.

Source: Jody Noble, The Noble Word

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