Flash Translation

For this game, students will need to occasionally write down two structures in the target language on separate flashcards. They should also put the English translation on the opposite side of the flashcard. These can be things that they come across while reading or anything that they would like to know how to say. Once they have accumulated a large stack, they team off into pairs. The goal of the game is for each pair to get points by translating as many of the flashcards as they can in one minute. One partner holds up the card and gives clues as to what the word means (in the target language) while the other says what it means in English. If they are spending too much time on a word, the guessing partner can say “pass” in the target language and the card goes into the -1 point pile. The correctly translated ones go into the +2 pile and when the minute is up, they count up their score. You can do this as a whole-class activity where everyone plays at the same time,or you can have each pair play while the rest of the class listens. Make sure to keep track of their scores on the board to see who the winner is at the end.

Source: Emily La Fave, moreTPRS

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