Important Numbers

This is a new game which I read about on Martina Bex’s site, which she got from FLTeach. It looks like a great activity because we all know how much kids love to talk about themselves and it provides comprehensible input at the same time! Basically you choose one students and they write a number that has some sort of meaning to them on the board. Then you start off by saying something along the lines of “Class, (Bobby) has two special numbers! The number “11″ is special to Bobby. What does the number “11″ represent?” You should circle these phrases to make sure everyone understands them. Then have students guess what the number could represent and ask the original student each time if it is true. Make sure to repeat the student’s answer back to the class to get more repetitions. When the class has guessed what the number represents, choose another student.

Source: Martina Bex, The Data-Driven Language Classroom

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