Ten Ball

To play this game, you will need a tennis ball, a plastic file crate, a short, study plastic cup big enough for the tennis ball to fit in, and a wad of sticky tack. Set up the game by centering the plastic cup in the bottom of the plastic file crate and stick it down using the sticky tack. Put the crate against the wall at the front of your classroom and mark a free throw line on the floor about 10-15 in front of it. The object of the game is to earn points for the team by answering questions.

Divide the class into four groups and have each group pick a name for their team. Within the teams, the students take turns being the “answerer.” Only the answerer can answer the questions. Have all the answerers stand up and ask a question, calling on the first answerer who raises his hand. Once you call on him, he has five seconds to answer.  You can allow the team members to help the answerer, but only the answerer can respond. Don’t accept answers from anyone else in the group.

What makes the game fun is that the person who gets the question right not only gets a point for the team, but also gets to shoot for extra points with the tennis ball from the free throw line. If the ball goes in the crate, the team gets one extra point. If it goes in the cup, however, they get ten points. Thus the name “Ten Ball”.

Source: Matthew Craig, moreTPRS

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