Word Bop

Arrange the desks in the room in a circle. Have all the kids except for one sit at a table/desk in this circle. There is a beginning and an an end to the circle. The “moose” (beginning of the circle) is the one who starts. Each student has a vocabulary word written on a sheet of paper that is tri-folded so it stands up on the desk and there is a gesture associated with each word. They have to say the word on their own desk and do the gesture and then call out a different word and do the gesture for that word. The person who has the word that was called out says his word and does his gesture and also calls out someone else’s word and does their gesture. While this is going on, there is a person in the middle of the circle who has a stuffed animal or some other object. They are trying to hit (“bop”) the desk of the person whose word was called before they can call out a new word. If the bopper is successful, everyone one in the circle at that point stands and moves up one spot. The kid who got “bopped” becomes the person in the middle of the circle and the person who was just in the circle becomes the “skunk” (end of the circle).

Source: Carmen Andrews-Sánchez, moreTPRS

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