Look and Discuss

This is a new idea from Ben Slavic’s PLC called Look and Discuss. I think it sounds great and can’t wait to try it out in my class! See the steps below:

  • Go to The Big Picture – Boston.com, Google Images, or somewhere like that. Pick out an image that contains some vocabulary that you would like to teach your kids.
  • Frontload the discussion with that vocabulary, establishing meaning in the same way that we set up stories in the first part of PQA. Offer no more than four new structures. Too many structures and you lose the kids. We always limit vocabulary and offer tons of properly spoken language (grammar) to our kids.
  • Discuss the picture in the TL, using the targeted structures.
  • Be happy if you only get five sentences all built around the few words you started with done in twenty minutes of slow circling. You will see something happen – there will be crystal clear comprehensible input happening all over the classroom.
  • With ten or fifteen minutes left in class, ask the kids to write what they can remember from the discussion. They can refer to the words on the board and the other posters you may have up in your classroom to help them write.
  • If time allows, put a few writing samples from what the kids just wrote up on the board for general classroom discussion. Do not correct the grammar.
  • Collect what the kids wrote. Use them as a grade if you want or toss them. Remember that you don’t have to grade everything that you collect.

Source: Ben Slavic, Ben Slavic’s PLC

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