Little Acts of Kindness

This activity is a good one for around Christmas time. It promotes kindness and it can even be done in the target language. Students trace around their hands on green construction paper and then cut out the shape of their hand. The hand shapes are hung upside down on a bulletin board to form a Christmas tree shape. Students then make and decorate ornaments, leaving room in the centre for a message. In the centre they write some kind of “gift” that they want to give. For example, I will help you read a book, I will help you clean your desk, etc. It should be something that is an act of kindness, not a “thing”. Then they write their names on the back of the ornament and place them in a box. The box is passed around so each child can take one. The recipient adds his/her name to the back of the ornament and the “gifts” are read aloud along with the name of the giver. The ornaments are then added to the tree. Over the next couple of weeks, each child completes the act of kindness. As each gift is completed, the ornament is removed from the tree and the recipient takes it home as a reminder. The recipient takes down their green hand from the tree and writes a brief thank-you note to give the giver of the gift. The teacher can provide a list of ideas for the thank-you note in the target language for students to copy or modify.

Source: Jan Coone, moreTPRS

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