Find the Sentence

This great reading activity idea comes from Cynthia Hitz. This month, if you share your favourite reading activity on Martina Bex’s website (as Cynthia did), you could win a year’s subscription to Textivate. Textivate is my personal favourite when it comes to getting students to re-read a text in a fun and interactive way.

Prepare for the activity by choosing 10 sentences from the text/chapter that can be depicted in a drawing and write each sentence on an index card. Put students in groups and give each group a mini whiteboard. Choose 1 student to be the artist for the whole game or use a different student for each index card. Show the first sentence to the artist only and have them draw the scene depicted on the board so everyone can see it. Students then have to re-read the original text to find the sentence which has been drawn on the board. To get one point, groups must copy that sentence out perfectly from the text onto their whiteboards. You can either have them write the whole sentence, or just the first few words of the sentence in order to keep the activity moving more quickly.

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