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Recently I stumbled across a Spanish textbook for 3rd grade and I found some interesting ideas for story activities. In this activity, students get into a group and read a story. Then the teacher reads the story aloud. While reading, the teacher intentionally changes details in the story. You could change a character, the setting, an object, or a situation. The students have to pay attention to the story retell and call out “¡Está cambiado!” when the teacher says a detail that is different from the original version. Then they have to say what the change was and describe how the original version of the story differs. I think it would be fun to make this a competition and play it with individual or team whiteboards. I would give a point to the team or teams that call out “¡Está cambiado!” first. Then I would give a point to any team that can rewrite the part of the story that was changed so that it matches the original version of the story. They could even copy the original phrase directly out of the reading if you let them have it in front of them during the retell. This way they are getting additional input by having to re-read the original version over and over. I definitely plan on testing out this activity with my class and I will update you with you it goes when I do!

Source: Español, 3er grado, p. 113

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  1. I tried it as a game like your idea and the students enjoyed it. Anything that is a competition holds their attention well! The reps and CI are great too!

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