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Ben Slavic suggests five stages to the read and discuss portion of TPRS on his blog.

Stage 1 – Have the students translate a paragraph chorally. Be very strict and insist on hearing their voices during the choral translation.

Stage 2 – Talk about the specific content of the text you just read in the TL. Ask simple yes/no questions. Continue to insist on a strong, choral response from everyone.

Stage 3 – PQA the text you read by asking your students questions about themselves that relate to the content of the text. So if Brandon got Marianne’s attention by driving his father’s blue T-Bird in the novel, you ask one of your students if he has a T-Bird. For this part to work, it is very important that your students know how to “play the game” by making up cute answers to your questions.

Stage 4 – Do a dictation from a paragraph. Read each sentence aloud one by one and have students write them down. After you finish the paragraph, have them correct their sentences by looking at the paragraph in the book.

Stage 5 – Do a quick quiz. You can either have a student write the quiz while you are reading the paragraph or you can ask simple yes/no questions.

Source: Ben Slavic, Ben Slavic’s Professional Learning Community

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