Silent Acting

A new blog post by Cynthia Hitz describes an interesting activity idea to encourage a second reading of a text. This would work with a novel or a reading from a class story. First get a couple of actors up at the front of the class. Put other students in groups of 2 or 3. Choose selected sentences (8-10 would be a good number, depending on the length of the text) and have the students at the front act out one sentence at a time. The catch is, they cannot talk or use any props. After they have acted out the sentence, have the other students work in their groups to find the exact sentence that was acted out. One of the students in the group must write down the sentence that they think was acted out on a piece of paper or on the board. After a minute or two, they show their sentences and receive a point if they wrote the correct sentence down.

Source: Cynthia Hitz, Teaching Spanish with Comprehensible Input

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