Chayanne – Humanos a Marte

These past two weeks have been great for getting a head start on planning for this upcoming school year. I have decided to start off the year with my two older groups (grade 9s and grade 11s) with a few basic structures that we will need for storytelling. They haven’t had TPRS before as I am at a new school this year, so I want to make sure to challenge them a little but not make things really difficult. They are all at varying levels of ability (some have taken Spanish since grade 5 and others since grade 7), so we will see how this song works with them. It’s a little faster, but super catchy.

I’ve created a cloze activity for the song and I added some information about Chayanne as well as the Mars One project, since it seemed to tie in to the song. I also added a few questions about both topics. My focus structures for this unit are “tiene”, “mira”, and “quiere”, so I’ve tried to work that into the song whenever possible. I am also trying to limit the number of blanks they have to fill in until I have a better idea of where their level of Spanish is at.

I’m also hoping to post the rest of the unit that I created to go with the song, but I need to finish it up first.


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  1. Great activity!
    There is a small mistake in the transcript of the lyrics. Where it says: “y el hablarte es un primero pensar” should say “ni hablarte sin primero pensar”.

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