Free Reading Discussion

After your class has spent some time free reading, it is nice to have some sort of activity to do. Since we don’t want to make students dislike free reading by assessing it, one activity that you can do is to help students have a discussion. Put some examples on the board of things that they can say about their books and then model a few sentences for them and tell them a little bit about your book. Put students into groups and have them tell the other students about their own books. It is nice if they still have the books at this point because they can show them to the other students at the same time. After everyone has finished sharing with their group, ask for volunteers to share something about their book with the whole class. These statements that the students provide can then be circled and you can ask lots of questions and compare different students’ books, which will provide lots of comprehensible input to your students.

Source: Kristy Placido, moreTPRS

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