Stop and Write

This is a way to help with classroom management as well as improve your students’ writing skills. Start telling a story as usual, except as soon as you add a detail, tell the students to write down a sentence. You can write the words on the board, but not in sentence format. That way, they have to build the sentence themselves. Circle the sentence with the detail until everyone has it, then add another detail. Have students stop and write down another sentence. Keep doing this until the students have 5 sentences written down. Then get them to write the numbers 1-5 down for the quiz. The quiz questions can be yes/no, either/or, or an information question with an interrogative word. They use the sentences they wrote down to help them answer the questions. This motivates students to pay attention because they have to pay attention to write down the sentences, but once they have done that it is a very easy quiz.

Source: Jeff Forney, moreTPRS

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