“Strip” Bingo

This game is thanks to Andrea on the moreTPRS list. The game is called “strip bingo” so it will have your students’ full attention! To play this game, you have students tear off a “strip” of paper. Then they make 5 boxes on the paper and write down one word or phrase in each box. You can then read a story or a list of phrases that have those words in them out loud to the students. For each phrase, the students have to ALL call out what the phrase means in English (or you call them out in English and they have to say them in the target language). The students can only rip off a word or phrase from their strip of paper if it’s the last word on one end of their paper. The first person to have all of their words called and ripped off wins. No prep and the kids love it!

Source: Andrea, moreTPRS

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