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An app I have been using more and more of this year is called Educreations. On a storytelling day, I hand my iPad to the kid who wants to have the artist job. He or she draws on the iPad as the class tells the story. You can add text or images, but I have them try to keep it simple with images most of the time. They can change colours, and they just draw with a finger.

They make different “slides” in a row of each of the main events in the story. Then at the end of class, I take the written story from my story writer and hit “record” and I read the story out loud. I sync what I’m saying with the proper slide by hitting the arrow button to advance the slide as I’m reading the story. Then when you hit done, the file saves in your Educreations account and can be accessed from the Educreations website or replayed on the iPad.

The only drawback to the app is that you cannot edit the audio once you start recording. So you have to either do it perfectly the first time, or live with the mistakes!

I always replay the videos the following day to recap the story. The kids like to see what the artist drew, there’s generally some laughter, and they are hearing the story one more time. They usually find it so easy by that point that they don’t even have to work hard to understand it! See an example story with audio by clicking on the picture below.



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  1. Kristin, I can’t believe I haven’t read your blog faithfully enough to have found this (and other wonderful pieces). I couldn’t figure out how to use Educreations until you explained it in two swipes of a picture. My iPad is going with me to school tomorrow!!

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