Copy, Fix, Translate

This is an easy idea for a bellringer that you can use every day with variations. The great thing about it is that it is TPRS friendly! Before the students arrive in class, write a scrambled sentence with errors in it on the board in the target language. Try to use structures from the week and make it about a student from the class so that it is personalized. When students come into class, they should take out their binders/notebooks. First they must copy down the sentence as it is written on the board. Then they fix it by putting the words in the proper order and correcting the spelling, gender agreement, singular/plural, etc. and finally they translate the sentence into English. You can help them by telling them how many errors there are in the sentence. Once students have had a few minutes to work on the sentence, you can start asking them which word comes first. As they go along, they can also say what the grammatical errors are.

The best part about this bellringer is that after you have fixed it and translated it, you have a new, personalized sentence that you can then circle and add details to.  You can ask questions to the student in the sentence to clarify details and then to the whole class to check comprehension. If you like, you can extend this activity by writing out all the new information that has been added in a paragraph on the board. Students then copy down the paragraph. Both of these activities should improve student’s writing skills tremendously, and it also gives them more comprehensible input. It also gives you a chance to interact with each student throughout the course of a month or so, one-on-one, and it’s goofy, funny, spontaneous, playful and all about them!

Source: Nathan Campbell, moreTPRS

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