BINGO is a game that is very well-known and frequently used in language classes, but what follows is a way to use it in a more TPRS-friendly way. Create a blank BINGO chart with space for a short free-write at the bottom of the page (or use this one). Then write all of the structures that you have focused on throughout the year on the board. Students can choose one structure to write in each box, in any order they choose. Rather than just calling out the words, try giving them the word in English to translate, reading a sentence with the structure in it, leaving a blank in the sentence for students to choose an appropriate structure, or asking them a question that has the structure as the answer. There are several different ways to play so that students need different patterns to win: one row, two rows, four corners, top and bottom rows, or blackout. After the game, students must choose one of their BINGO rows and write a story that includes those five words, underlining the five words as they write.

Source: Martina Bex, Lesson Plans for CI/TPRS Classrooms

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