Picture Dictionaries

This year I created a new template for the picture dictionaries I have students fill out. I borrowed the idea for the format from a math teacher at my school who uses something very similar. So far I think it’s working really well. It doesn’t take them long to fill out, and doesn’t seem to be as confusing or hard to explain as the previous version I had created. Basically the students write the Spanish structure in the circle in the middle. The English translation goes in the top left box, then we write an example of a sentence in Spanish that uses the structure in the bottom left box. In the top right box they then draw a picture (using stick figures) of that sentence or of something that reminds them of the structure (ie. for “se llama” lots of students drew a simple name tag). In the bottom right box, students can either describe in English how to do the action associated with the structure, or they can draw a picture/diagram of it.


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  1. I love this template but am a bit confused by the “accion” section and how it differs from the “ingles” section. Could you explain and provide an example of what this would look like for a particular structure? Also, are the structures always verbs or can they also be other parts of speech?


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