Radio Ambulante

Radio Ambulante is an excellent website with a collection of audio files that contain people’s stories from various different Spanish-speaking countries. There are lots of different things you could do with these stories, but they are probably more suitable for higher levels as they are told by native speakers and contain a lot of different vocabulary.

Spanish Listening Activities

Fluency Prof is a really neat website that has a page devoted entirely to Spanish Audio. There are a couple of different sections but most of the items on the site are audio recordings with a cloze activity to go with it. The “Comics” within the “Cultural Events” section also have pictures to go with the audio. The texts do seem somewhat more advanced, but there is a built-in WordReference dictionary on the right-hand side of the page so it could be made comprehensible to students in the lower levels as well. The audio is nice also because students would get a chance to hear a different accent than the teacher’s. These audio and cloze activities would be a good thing to leave for a sub day.