Palliser District Teachers’ Convention 2015

This year I am presenting once again at the Palliser District Teachers’ Convention. I will be presenting two sessions. Below I have posted the details, along with a summary of each session and links to handouts that will be provided at the session.

Using Easy-Reader Novels to Teach Second Languages
Thursday, February 19 from 2:50pm-4:00pm
Glen 210, South Building, Calgary Telus Convention Centre

Using novels in the second language classroom is the best way to show students how much language they have acquired over the course of a semester/year. This session will discuss where to find the best easy-reader novels in various languages, how to plan to teach them, and fun activities you can use while teaching any novel in a second language classroom.

Teaching Second Language Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling
Friday, February 20 from 12:00pm-2:45pm
Glen 210, South Building, Calgary Telus Convention Centre

Teaching Proficiency with Reading and Storytelling is a method of teaching based on the theories of Stephen Krashen that uses a mixture of reading and storytelling to help students learn a foreign language in a classroom setting. This session will introduce the method and many engaging ways of providing comprehensible input to students, including MovieTalk, embedded readings, novels, children’s books, and cultural stories.

Credit: Thanks to Bryce Hedstrom and Carol Gaab for much of the information in the two presentations. Thanks to Martina Bex and Betsy Paskvan for other information contained in the presentation. Thanks to Laurie Clarq, Martina Bex, Victoria Gellert, and Michele Whaley for the circling template. All information within these presentations is used with permission and cited accordingly.

Teachers’ Conventions

I have officially received the scheduled times of when I will be presenting on TPRS and CI methods at some upcoming teaching conventions. I will be presenting at both the Calgary City Teachers’ Convention and the Palliser District Teacher’s Convention. If you wish to attend, and are not part of either district, make sure you get in touch with someone about registering as sometimes they will refuse registration to those outside the district.

At the CCTCA (Calgary Convention), my session will be called “Engaging Ways to Provide Comprehensible Input” and I will be presenting on Thursday, February 13, 2014 from 12:30-15:45 in Imperial Section 2, located in the Hyatt Regency Hotel.

At the PDTCA (Palliser Convention), my session will be called “Teaching Proficiency with Reading and Storytelling” and I will be presenting on Friday, February 21st from 9:00-10:15 am. The exact location is unknown as of yet.