Robo en la Noche

Robo en la Noche, by Kristy Placido

Fifteen-year-old Makenna Parker had reservations about her father’s new job in Costa Rica, but little did she know that missing her home and her friends would be the least of her worries. She finds herself in the middle of an illegal bird trading scheme, and it’s a race against time for her father to save her and the treasured macaws.
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Noches misteriosas en Granada

Noches misteriosas en Granada, by Kristy Placido

Kevin used to have the perfect life. Now, dumped by his popular girlfriend, Kevin leaves for a summer in Spain with his best friend, and his life seems anything but perfect. Taking classes he can’t understand, living with a very odd host-family, trying to get the attention of a girl with whom he has no chance, and dealing with a guy who has a dark side and who seems to be out to get him, Kevin escapes into a book and enters a world of long-ago adventures. As the boundaries between his two worlds begin to blur, Kevin discovers that nothing is as it appears…especially at night!

El nuevo Houdini

El nuevo Houdini, by Carol Gaab

Brandon Brown is dying to drive his father’s 1956 T-bird while his parents are on vacation. Will he fool his parents and drive the car without them knowing and win the girl of his dreams in the process? Cleverly illustrated and written to be exceedingly entertaining and completely comprehensible! Both present and past versions under one cover!
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Esperanza, by Carol Gaab

This novel is based on the chilling true story of a young family caught in the middle of political corruption and unspeakable violence during Guatemala’s 36-year civil war. Tired of watching city workers endure countless human and civil rights violations, Alberto organizes a union. When he and his co-workers organize a strike, Alberto and his family find themselves on the government’s “extermination” list. The violent situation leaves Alberto separated from his family and forces them all to flee for their lives. Will their will to survive be enough to help them escape and reunite? And if so, will they ever find another place they can call home? A novice-low reader based on fewer than 200 words and written in first person. Perfect for level 1 students!

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Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto

Piratas del Caribe y el mapa secreto, by Mira Canion and Carol Gaab

Adventure, suspense and deception abound in this novel based on historical fiction. Set in the 1600′s, this engaging plot commandeers the reader through a pirate’s quest for a secret map and leaves him/her with rich treasures of crucial vocabulary and enhanced language skills.
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