Veinte Mundos

Veinte Mundos is a free, online webzine which provides articles, audio, videos and photos on a topic. These articles can used “as is” or adapted for use with your classes in a variety of ways, as long as you make sure the input is comprehensible. The name of the webzine is based on the fact that Spanish is the official language of twenty different countries in the world. It has been published monthly online since January 2009 by Lingua Publishing, in association with several journalists in Latin America and Spain.

TPRS: Evolution or Creation?

This article by Carol Gaab is a must-read for all TPRSers!  She writes about how TPRS came about and how it has developed since then, as well as how and why this method is so successful.  It is well-referenced and provides a thorough summary of TPRS.  An all-around great read for those using the method as well as those wanting to learn about it.