TPRS: Evolution or Creation?

This article by Carol Gaab is a must-read for all TPRSers!  She writes about how TPRS came about and how it has developed since then, as well as how and why this method is so successful.  It is well-referenced and provides a thorough summary of TPRS.  An all-around great read for those using the method as well as those wanting to learn about it.

12 Things Not to Say to Young Readers

I read an article recently on the Brigham Young University magazine website called 12 Things Not to Say to Young Readers. Quoting books such as Jim Trelease’s The Read-Aloud Handbook, Bradley Wilcox discusses ways that you can discourage a child from reading without even realizing it. I found his list to be very interesting as many of the items reflect what we already do in TPRS. He recommends that in order to help young people enjoy reading, you should be sure to avoid saying the following things:

  1. “Sounds it out.
  2. “Look it up.”
  3. “Don’t use your finger.”
  4. “Don’t move your lips when you read silently.”
  5. “Let’s each read a paragraph in turn.”
  6. “Once a book is begun, don’t stop until it’s done.”
  7. “Read every word.”
  8. “You can’t read another of your books until you read one of mine.”
  9. “Don’t read the same book over and over.”
  10. “That book is too easy (or too hard).”
  11. “Turn out that light and go to sleep.”
  12. “You can read now, so I shouldn’t have to read this to you.”