I’ll Wait for the Next One

Co-written by Thomas Gaudin and its director, Philippe Orreindy, I’ll Wait For The Next One (J’attendrai le Suivant) was nominated for the 2003 Oscar for Best Short. I’ll Wait For The Next One is a bitter-sweet tale of a lonely woman being offered the chance of true love on the Paris metro.

French Animated Clips

This website has a great selection of French animated video clips. Each animated story is about 10 minutes long and are narrated in French. You can even find the story of the Hockey Sweater here, or “Le chandail”: “Ce court métrage d’animation ressuscite l’époque des années 1940, où tous les jeunes étaient subjugués par leur idole, Maurice Richard. L’écrivain Roch Carrier n’y échappa point et il nous livre ici, avec humour et nostalgie, les impressions et les sentiments d’une enfance empreinte des modèles du temps.”


Minuit à Paris

In Minuit à Paris, Gil, a new novelist, and his fiancée Inez are in Paris where Gil is enchanted with the City of Light. He dreams of the perfect period of time in Paris: the 20’s. Lo and behold, when midnight strikes, he finds himself interacting with characters from F. Scott Fitzgerald to Paul Gauguin. Gertrude Stein is even willing to read his novel and give her opinion. This is a thoroughly enchanting movie for the lover of literature and art and allows for some wonderful discussions of characters from this period.

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Fama va en Californie

Fama va en Californie, by Blaine Ray

Fama is a 15-year-old girl from Mauritania who goes to California as an exchange student.  She lives with a caring American family but encounters prejudice at school, especially from a girl named Debbie.  By chance Fama finds Debbie in a dangerous situation.  She acts quickly and decisively to rescue her.  This incident and what happens afterwards profoundly affects both girls.  Fama va en Californie can be read without difficulty by second or third semester students.  Brief and captivating!  Totally in French with glossary included.

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