Tony the Tiger and Silly Rabbit

There is a tiger. The tiger’s name is Tony. His name is Tony the Tiger. The tiger wants to eat. Tony has many Frosted Flakes. Tony eats Frosted Flakes all the time. He eats Frosted Flakes Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Now, he does not want to eat Frosted Flakes. He does not like Frosted Flakes. Tonywants to eat Trix. He knows there is a rabbit that has Trix. The rabbit is called Silly Rabbit.

Tony the tiger goes to Silly Rabbit’s house. He says, “Silly Rabbit, I want to eat Trix. Do you have any Trix? ” Silly Rabbit responds. “No, I don’t have any Trix.” Silly Rabbit knows there is a boy in Walla Walla, Washington that has the Trix. He says, “But I know that there is a boy in Walla Walla, Washington that has the Trix.”

They both go to Walla Walla, Washington. There is a boy named Dudley. Dudley has many boxes of Trix. He has two thousand and nine boxes of Trix. Tony the tiger says to the boy, “I want to eat. I want to eat some Trix. Can I have some Trix?” Dudley gives the Trix to Tony the Tiger. Tony shouts “They’re great!”

Silly Rabbit asks the child, “Can I have some Trix?” And Dudley the boy replies, “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!”  Tony the tiger is happy.
Silly Rabbit is sad.

Source: Tawanna Billingsley, TPRS Stories (translated from Spanish)

The Addams Family

There is a family. The family’s last name is Addams. The family has a father, mother, brother, sister and an uncle. The mother’s name is Morticia. The father’s name is Gomez. The brother’s name is Pugsley. The sister’s name is Wednesday. The uncle’s name is Uncle Fester. It is a normal family. The family has a pet. The pet is a hand. The hand is called Thing. It’s not really a normal family. It is a strange family.

The sister, Wednesday, likes a guy. The boy’s name is Fred. Fred has a normal family. Fred has a normal mother, a normal father, and a normal brother. Fred visits Wednesday’s house. Fred is normal. The father does not like Fred because Fred is normal. The mother does not like Fred because Fred is normal. Pugsley, the brother, does not like Fred because Fred is normal. Uncle Fester does not like  Fred because Fred is normal. Also, Thing does not like Fred because Fred is normal. Wednesday is sad. Wednesday cries. Fred does not like when Wednesday cries. Suddenly, Fred yells, “Aooaooaoo!”

What a surprise! Fred is not a normal guy! Fred is not just a guy. Fred is also a wolf. Now, the father likes Fred. The mother likes Fred. Pugsley, the brother, likes Fred. Fred likes Uncle Fester. Thing likes Fred. The family likes Fred. Hooray! Wednesday does not cry. Wednesday is happy.

Source: Tawanna Billingsley, TPRS Stories (translated from Spanish)

Famous Family

There is a family. It is a famous family. The family is famous because the father is a famous rapper. The father writes raps for Kanye West raps. He writes raps for Lil ‘Wayne. The father writes raps for T.I. The mother is angry. The mother is sad. The mother is angry and sad because the father does not write raps for her. The mother says, “You write raps for Kanye West, and you write raps for Lil ‘Wayne, you write raps for T.I., but you do not write raps for me.” The father writes a rap for the mother. Now the mother is a famous rapper. She is a more famous rapper than the father. Now the father is angry. The father is sad. The father is angry and sad. Poor Dad!

Source: Tawanna Billingsley, TPRS Stories (translated from Spanish)

Jörn’s Pets

There is a boy. His name is Jörn. Jörn has a house full of pets. He has a lamb, two pigeons, three horses, five cats and a dog.

Jörn cries. Jörn is hungry. The animals cry. The animals are hungry. There is one problem: Jörn has nothing to eat in the house. He has no grass for the lamb, no food for the pigeons, no hay for the horses, no fish for the cats and no Puppy Chow for the dog. And he has no pizza. Jörn loves pizza.

Jörn goes to Lola’s. The animals do not go. Jörn crying. Lola asks “What’s going on?” Jörn says to Lola, “I’m hungry. My animals are hungry. ” Lola laughs and says, ” Too bad. But I have nothing for you. Go to Mario’s. He has everything.

Jörn goes to Mario Basler’s, in Basel. Lola does not go. Jörn cries. Mario asks “What’s the problem?” Jörn says to Lola, “I’m hungry. My animals are hungry. ” Mario does not laugh. He cries and says “Too bad. Please, this is for you. ” Mario gives Jörn two tons of Swiss chocolate. Jörn laughs and says “Thank you.”

Jörn goes home. Wolf of Wolfhausen is sitting with Samira in front of the house. Jörn goes into the house. Luke the Lamb is not there. The two doves, Paloma and Fritz are not there. Shadow, Patches and Sparkles are not there. The five cats are not there and the dog is not there.

Jörn goes to Wolfgang and cries, “Where is my lamb? Where are my birds? Where are my horses? Where are the cats? Where is the dog? Where? WHERE? WHERE !!!!!!”

Wolf howls. Jörn asks “What does that mean?” Samira says, “In German it means that your animals are at Larisa’s. There’s a party at Larissa’s, and your animals are dancing. Jörn says, “Thank you.” Samira says, “You’re very welcome.” Jörn goes to Larissa’s. It’s true! There is a great Oktoberfest party for animals. They are all eating (or feeding), drinking, singing, dancing and playing. Jörn laughs. He sings, dances, drinks, plays, and eats with the animals. He says, “Thank you Larissa! This party is wonderful.” Larissa says, “I know, I know. ”

Source: Byron Despresberry, TPRS Stories (translated from German)