Grade 5 Plans for 2016-2017

This is my rough outline of what I am hoping to do with my grade 5 students next year. It is very ambitious considering how much time I have with them (1 hour x 4 days in an 8-day rotating schedule), but I am going to attempt it anyways! They start Spanish in grade 4 but come to me not knowing much more than the basics: colours, numbers, etc. I am going to try to start off with five pretty basic stories. These are all Martina Bex stories that I have adapted to fit the structures I need to teach. The first five stories and structures I teach will be as follows:

Then I will read Mira Canion’s new book, El capibara con botas with them. It’s a really easy read and I think they will love it.

After that, we will do a few more stories and end with Carol Gaab’s Brandon Brown quiere un perro. This is my favourite book for younger students and my grade 5 and 6 students that read it this year not only found it very compelling, but also very comprehensible! They did an amazing job with rewrites and retells throughout the novel study and I found they picked up a lot of extra vocabulary that repeated throughout the novel, even if we hadn’t necessarily used them in a story during the year. The second set of stories I teach (also Martina Bex scripts with two of my own) will be as follows: