Stories worth Retelling

This session by Bryce Hedstrom was all about how to use jokes as stories. He mentioned 5 key skills to remember when doing this, including:

  1. Choose the right joke.
  2. Tell it again at a higher level.
  3. Use student actors.
  4. Sequence your jokes.
  5. Include student input.

He then spent the rest of the session demonstrating several jokes that he uses with his classes, and we all loved them! The one thing that really stood out is that by the time you get to the punch line of the joke, it’s really important for students to fully understand the structures used in it, otherwise they won’t get the joke. Basically just work on getting meaningful, interesting repetitions and Bryce’s jokes will help to provide lots of entertainment for your classes!

Source: Bryce Hedstrom, NTPRS 2011, Handout & Slides

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