Speaking and Writing Rubrics

The speaking and writing rubrics that I use come from Scott Benedict at Teach for June. He has a ton of other information and resources on assessment and proficiency-based grading so definitely check out his website. I have found his rubrics to work the best for me personally because they focus more on fluency and comprehensibility rather than spelling and grammar.

When using the rubric, there are two ways to mark: analytically and holistically. You can mark it so that each student gets marked on their speaking/writing, vocabulary, and structures separately or so each student gets an grade that tells them which level they are at overall. I generally mark analytically by checking the appropriate box for each category at the level the student has demonstrated. I then add the 3 percentages together and divide by 3 to get the average and that is the student’s mark.

  • Writing and Speaking Rubrics – Word; PDF
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