German Popular Music

If you are looking for music to use in your German classes, the Goethe Institute has a great site that lists top songs and artists. They have also created some useful worksheets to go along with the songs. The worksheets include the lyrics to the song and some “traditional” exercises, but you can use what you want to and just get rid of the rest! They are written entirely in German so you may also need to make them more comprehensible for your students if you decide to use them.

My personal favourite from the current list is Wir sind wir by Paul van Dyk und Peter Heppner. This song deals with the deep feeling of emotional insecurity that permeated the German society in the early 21st century and there are a lot of things that could be done with it. The video also shows several key clips from German history that would be useful for starting a discussion. All this material AND it’s actually a good song!

Source: Nathan Black, mjTPRS

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