Highlighter Race

Another great idea that comes from Carrie Toth (@senoraCMT) via Kristy Placido (@placido) on Twitter. These two ladies always have wonderful ideas to share with the rest of the TPRS world and I highly recommend following them on Twitter! Basically for this game, two students sit together with 1 copy of some song lyrics. The part that is different than usual, is that the song lyrics have been put through Wordle. Wordle is a tool for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source. Below is an example one I made from the song “Je te donne” by Leslie et Ivyrise. You can choose to have common French words removed, but because this particular song has words in English as well, I chose to have the common English words removed instead – that’s why you see words like “te”, “que” and “et” still. Once you have the song lyrics in Wordle format, the 2 students race to highlight the words as they occur in the song. Each student uses a different colour highlighter so that they can see who “wins”.

Source: Carrie Toth, Twitter

Wordle: Leslie et Ivyrise - Je te donne

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  1. I am really upset, I started this week TPRS, practicing circling for 20 minutes in my daily five MS classes, and Today, my department Head ORDER me to teach the realidades curriculum, because the HS people do not like TPRS and are strictly into old school grammar… Grrrrrrr.

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