Anna mei Banfa!

Anna mei Banfa!, by Terry Waltz

“Anna Mei Banfa!” is a short, simple novel in Chinese characters and Pinyin that emphasizes and repeats the highest-frequency words and phrases of the language while telling a story. First in a series for Chinese learners, “Anna Mei Banfa” tells the story of Anna, a high school freshman living in upstate New York, who is frustrated with her family and her problems. An unexpected opportunity presents itself when her high school announces a chance for a student to travel to Taiwan for a summer. While living in southern Taiwan, Anna experiences the local culture and makes new friends.

Learners of Chinese may choose to read the Chinese characters or turn the page to see the Hanyu Pinyin romanization. A full glossary of the words as they appear in the text makes this reader accessible to anyone with a basic knowledge of Chinese.

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