Piratas del Caribe y el Triángulo de las Bermudas

Piratas del Caribe y el Triángulo de las Bermudas, by Carol Gaab and Christine Tiday

When Tito and his father set sail from Florida to Maryland, they have no idea that their decision to pass through the Bermuda Triangle could completely change the course of their voyage, not to mention the course of their entire lives! They soon discover that rough seas and bad weather are the least of their worries, as they become entangled in a sinister plan to control the world and subsequently become the target of Henry Morgan and his band of pirates. Will they escape from the Triangle and from the pirates, and save their new friend, Carlos, in the process?

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  1. Could any one comment on how this title compares in level of interest for students to Pirates del Caribe y el Mapa Secreto,? Or if any have read both, which one do you think would students prefer.

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