This product is recommended as a fun game for reviewing things in class. Basically it is a central unit with 6 eggs (wired or wireless) which light up. In “quiz show” mode, students each get an egg and buzz in to answer questions. Whoever buzzes in first will have their egg light up and can then give their answer. In “Wheel of Fortune” mode, the lights spin until only one egg remains lit and that student must answer the question. You can use this game to review anything: grammar, vocabulary, structures, or verbs.

From the Eggspert website:

Energize class review and add pizzazz to daily activities with Wireless Eggspert, the flashing, beeping, buzzing, interactive game system that can be used anywhere in the classroom! Eggspert’s two fun game modes – Quiz Show and Wheel of Fortune – spice up math facts drill, spelling bees, and quiz games on any subject. Using the wireless Teacher Remote, the instructor can set Eggspert’s lights in motion, choose players, select fun sound effects, and even adjust response times – whether at her desk or anywhere in the classroom. Because student response buttons are wireless too, students can buzz in from their desks – even at the back of the class! Includes wireless Eggspert, 6 wireless student buttons, wireless teacher remote, and guide.

Source: Jody Ford, moreTPRS

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