Here you can find links to many of the TPRS handouts I’ve collected from various sources.  I have cited the person who created them when known, but if one of them was made by you or someone you know and you would like it to be referenced, please contact me so I can give proper credit for the work!


  1. Hi Kristin!

    Hope you’re doing well! Many thanks for all these wonderful resources!

    Is it right that the link “How to Get a Laugh, Even if You Are Not Funny (Carol Gaab)” is not working? I could not open it.

    Best wishes, Alike

  2. Hi Kristin– great coll (read: soon to be plunderd :-))I’m working on presenting a “how to tprs” workshop in Canmore Oct 25.


  3. Hi and thank you for this list. I just recently found it and there are so many great links that I’m eager to explore when I have the time (haha;). However, I am very interested in many of the Carol Gaab links and when I click on those, they take me to her tprstorytelling main page and I cannot find any of the resources that are listed here. Have things changed since this list was created? Thanks.

  4. I had the same trouble as Michelle. Are those links no longer active or do we need to just dig through that website?

  5. Hello! I just found this list and it’s AMAZING. Thank you so much for putting it together. Unfortunately, while looking for a specific handout by Carol Gaab, I found that all the links to her handouts redirect to the main Fluency Matters site, rather than showing the handouts themselves. Is there any chance these are still available somewhere?

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